Tuesday, August 31, 2010

creepers of the corn

I headed out to Scott, Arkansas for a little ramble with Kathy. I wanted to use up some Holga film, and I find Scott and Keo to be excellent places nearby for such a mission.

Our first stop was finding an old plantation out there. I had no idea where I was going, and Kathy joked that I was probably taking her out there to dump her body in the woods. Ha!

We found it along with some other cool stuff nearby.


rural u.s.a.



At some point she mentioned that she looks a bit like the girl from the Ring with her hair in her face. Then we spotted a corn field. I asked if she'd be willing to take a few creepy shots. We had to trespass a bit to do so. SHUSH!


creeper of the corn


join us

I got a bit lost finding my way back out onto the main highway and headed up finding this really cool abandoned house. I loved all the colors.

when lost



After I got my barrings we headed out to Keo. I love Keo. It's hard to explain, because there isn't much there, but everything is interesting to me.




Friday, August 27, 2010

zombie hole??

There's this place in Arkansas near near Jerusalem, Arkansas in Pope County called the Blue Hole. A follow photographer dropped his camera in the water but it survived! It's since been rumored that zombies come from the Blue Hole.

I hadn't been shooting with Zack in ages. We decided it was about time to fix that. I currently have one of my dad's old trucks. It's a 4WD Ford F150, and I was pretty excited to take it out.

Our first stop was an overlook on the way to the Blue Hole.

what lies ahead

After that it was time to get down to some serious business. I suppose if you are in shape the hike down to the Blue Hole isn't rough. I'm not in shape nor am I the best hiker. I fail at bushwacking. Half the trip was very, very steep downhill and didn't have a trial to speak of. We battled spiders the whole way down. Zack used his tripod to knock down about 50 webs. EEEks! I took a slide down the hill and grabbed a tree, a dead tree, which ended up falling over. I swear it landed a few feet from Zack. He handled the whole thing well. Brave boy!

Zack and I never have ideal light when we go shoot. It's just our curse, I think. We got to the first cascade pretty early and were able to use the sunrise to our advantage.

summer falls


I hated this shot at the time, but managed to turn it into something I rather liked. I just really liked the light rays...

ray of light

ZOMG, Zombies!!


Here's a few from another cascade at Blue Hole.



I stopped about a billion times on the hike up. As always, Zack was pretty patient about it. I took the chance to grab a few shots heading back.


We had to travel a lot of dirt roads to get out there, and I doubt I could find my way back without Zack. We took a side trip to a cemetery, because I like cemeteries. We managed to accidentally trap a deer in the fence with us at the cemetery. The poor little thing as so scared it just kept jumping into the fence. The deer was still very young and wasn't able to jump over. Zack tried to herd the deer out, but instead it darted around and for a split second looked like it was going to charge him. We decided to leave hoping the deer would settle down without us there.

This cool sign was on the dirt road.

point me in the right direction

Here's yet another sign. I thought it stuck with the zombie theme. Zombie children probably would play slow.


I got my feet pretty wet while hiking. I drove home barefoot. I guess this makes me a country girl. Since I didn't have shoes on it made shooting things on the way home rather difficult. I solved this by shooting from the bed of the F150. I know, I know I'm weird.

religious shelter?

Monday, August 23, 2010

rock hounds

I haven't decided if I'm going to stick to a more traditional format or not, but I figure I'll give it a try. I end up forgetting to tell so many stories because I post shots out of order.

My friends, Jennifer and Eric, are rock hounds. You know, they like to dig around in the dirt and look for random rocks and minerals. I do not understand this AT ALL. I do try to be supportive and generally like all things outdoors. I told them my trail guide mentioned a place that has quartz crystal and ended up being their tour guide for the day.

Winona Forest Drive is near Perryville, Arkansas and carves through a portion of the Ouachita National Forest. It's nearly 26 miles of fairly decent dirt road that connects Highway 9 to Highway 7.

If you travel from the East to West the first stop is the Nancy Mountain vista.

After that you can stop and do a short trail up North Fork Pinnacle. I didn't find much of interest through Eric found a fossil that's apparently pretty old. The only thing I spotted was a massive spiderweb.

Our next stop was the quartz crystal stop - Crystal Mountain vista. This is where we managed to get a creeper story. We hiked the short 0.2 miles up to the vista. A few hundred feet from the end of the trail I started hearing things. I stopped to figure out what direction it was coming from and who it might be. I realized it was definitely a radio but one set to talk radio. We got closer and spotted a trunk parked deep in the brush, doors wide open, no one inside, and a church sermon blaring from the speakers. I decided to ignore it, since there was three of us and two dogs. I knew the dogs would probably alert us of trouble. I got this shot from the vista while Eric and Jennifer tried to figure out where the quartz would be.

By this point a storm as moving in, and we were thinking it'd be better to rock hunt on a cooler day. Suddenly an old guy tromps through the brush towards us. "Y'all looking for crystals?" I said we were but didn't know where to go. He pointed at a very overgrown path and ran along the side of the hill. He said the crystals where that way. Jennifer and Eric weren't really prepared for a trek through bushwack. We ended up deciding to go and come back in the Fall or Winter.

The next stop was the Forked Mountain vista. Forked Mountain is probably the most famous mountain that you can see from Winona Forest Drive.


The final stop before ending up back on paved road is the Oak Mountain vista. This one was probably my favorite. It could have been the light and the new storm clouds that made the view, but I liked it the most anyway. :-)
range of shadows

After that we got back on Highway 10 and headed towards Little Rock. I was majorly preoccupied with the mist/fog created by the rain and requested that my friends make a few stops.

We actually turned around at this cool old barn I had shot once before (back in the point and shoot days). I was pretty excited to see it in better light conditions.
daja vu....

There's something about railroad tracks I will probably always be drawn to. The fog really gave it a creepy feel I think. Also check out the holga-like edit.

ghost train


My final stop was trespassing onto some shooting range to grab some shots of hay bales. I wondered if I'd be shot, one being on a shooting range and two for trespassing. However, it was raining and NO ONE seemed to be around, so I took a risk and stayed near the road for a few quick shots.

when elements combine

Friday, August 20, 2010

a light to fill the voids

a light to fill the voids

Here's another shot from Mt. Zion. I really loved the light in this shot.

Thursday, August 19, 2010



Catholic churches are amazing. Architecturally speaking, I'm in awe every time I step foot in one. This one was amazing. I was only able to grab a few shots, because I was illegally parked outside. Oops! I meant to go back, but they were having Mass the few times I happened by.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010



I tried to get a different view of the Louisiana State Capitol. I made a few ducks pretty angry, who did not like me encroaching on their territory. Luckily they only made a small fuss before moving and letting me stand at the edge of the pond. I was already running through my mind what I was going to say if I was chased off by some mean ducks. :-)

Monday, August 16, 2010

will you remember me?

will you remember me?

Leaving a small stone on a grave is an act of symbolically placing a marker for someone. I think of it as a way of showing remembrance for the person. It's a tradition I really love.

Friday, August 13, 2010

living history

living history

The Wormsloe Plantation has an amazing oak alley. One thing I associate with the deep South is giant living oaks. They are so amazing.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

mile high sunset

mile high sunset

I don't get to fly often, and I'd never flown during picturesque weather. This trip I got to see giant clouds, a cool sunset, and lightening. The lightening was amazing and scary at the same time. It's weird to see an entire cloud around you light up.

Anyway this was somewhere over Arkansas - probably near Hot Springs. We got home around midnight. For the first time I got to see Little Rock from above at night. I lost my s$%# when I saw Big Dam Bridge. I really love that bridge. :-)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

double heart

double heart

I liked the litchen on the car. The rest of the cars out here didn't have any. I also thought the bumper sticker was cool since I double heart Chicago too.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010



I always get so impatient waiting for fireworks to start. I really, really love fireworks.

Monday, August 9, 2010

room for two

room for two

I love this bench. It's one of those rare things that makes me smile as I navigate down congested one-way streets downtown. I always leave downtown flustered. I'm a country girl and will probably never full adjust to any sort of urban driving. I've went to this spot twice now for photographs. I imagine there's a ton of room for creative shots here...

Sunday, August 8, 2010

a place to hang your hat

a place to hang your hat

I didn't edit this shot with the rest of my Texas pictures. I actually noticed it when I was doing backup. I liked the chipped paint of the sign.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

drive-by nature

drive-by nature

Red Rock Canyon is really an amazing place. It's beautiful and about 20 minutes outside of the Vegas strip. It's really the perfect get away from the neon. It also has some cool hiking trails and good scenic roads to explore the area. We didn't hike. It was nearly 120 degrees and we were trying to fit a lot into the day. However, we were able to see a ton from the car and the pull-off points.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

hidden gem

hidden gem

I didn't scan this for a few months. I guess I thought it wasn't very good. It ended up being the best shot on the roll. If you shot film, scan all of it!