Friday, August 27, 2010

zombie hole??

There's this place in Arkansas near near Jerusalem, Arkansas in Pope County called the Blue Hole. A follow photographer dropped his camera in the water but it survived! It's since been rumored that zombies come from the Blue Hole.

I hadn't been shooting with Zack in ages. We decided it was about time to fix that. I currently have one of my dad's old trucks. It's a 4WD Ford F150, and I was pretty excited to take it out.

Our first stop was an overlook on the way to the Blue Hole.

what lies ahead

After that it was time to get down to some serious business. I suppose if you are in shape the hike down to the Blue Hole isn't rough. I'm not in shape nor am I the best hiker. I fail at bushwacking. Half the trip was very, very steep downhill and didn't have a trial to speak of. We battled spiders the whole way down. Zack used his tripod to knock down about 50 webs. EEEks! I took a slide down the hill and grabbed a tree, a dead tree, which ended up falling over. I swear it landed a few feet from Zack. He handled the whole thing well. Brave boy!

Zack and I never have ideal light when we go shoot. It's just our curse, I think. We got to the first cascade pretty early and were able to use the sunrise to our advantage.

summer falls


I hated this shot at the time, but managed to turn it into something I rather liked. I just really liked the light rays...

ray of light

ZOMG, Zombies!!


Here's a few from another cascade at Blue Hole.



I stopped about a billion times on the hike up. As always, Zack was pretty patient about it. I took the chance to grab a few shots heading back.


We had to travel a lot of dirt roads to get out there, and I doubt I could find my way back without Zack. We took a side trip to a cemetery, because I like cemeteries. We managed to accidentally trap a deer in the fence with us at the cemetery. The poor little thing as so scared it just kept jumping into the fence. The deer was still very young and wasn't able to jump over. Zack tried to herd the deer out, but instead it darted around and for a split second looked like it was going to charge him. We decided to leave hoping the deer would settle down without us there.

This cool sign was on the dirt road.

point me in the right direction

Here's yet another sign. I thought it stuck with the zombie theme. Zombie children probably would play slow.


I got my feet pretty wet while hiking. I drove home barefoot. I guess this makes me a country girl. Since I didn't have shoes on it made shooting things on the way home rather difficult. I solved this by shooting from the bed of the F150. I know, I know I'm weird.

religious shelter?

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  1. Awesome images and great story. You are so good at both! By the way - I heard a rumour that it's illegal in some places to drive barefoot. It's a weird law if it's true. But you just might be a LAW-BREAKER!!! Shocker, eh? :)