Tuesday, August 31, 2010

creepers of the corn

I headed out to Scott, Arkansas for a little ramble with Kathy. I wanted to use up some Holga film, and I find Scott and Keo to be excellent places nearby for such a mission.

Our first stop was finding an old plantation out there. I had no idea where I was going, and Kathy joked that I was probably taking her out there to dump her body in the woods. Ha!

We found it along with some other cool stuff nearby.


rural u.s.a.



At some point she mentioned that she looks a bit like the girl from the Ring with her hair in her face. Then we spotted a corn field. I asked if she'd be willing to take a few creepy shots. We had to trespass a bit to do so. SHUSH!


creeper of the corn


join us

I got a bit lost finding my way back out onto the main highway and headed up finding this really cool abandoned house. I loved all the colors.

when lost



After I got my barrings we headed out to Keo. I love Keo. It's hard to explain, because there isn't much there, but everything is interesting to me.




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