Thursday, September 2, 2010

awkward kids

awkward kids




I went shooting with my favorite shooting buddy, Ward, the other day. (Yes, I have favorites.) Ward is also one of my best friends, but he doesn't tend to like shooting in the heat. I've gotten to the point I don't even ask if he wants to go shooting in the Summer or late Spring. He suggested we make a trip out to Woolly Hollow State Park near Greenbrier, Arkansas. My expression was something like this. o_O

We headed out, but the waterfall out there wasn't running. DANG YOU SUMMER! We both decided it was much too hot. However, he managed to slide into the creek before we left. I threw my shoes across the creek at him, rolled up my jeans, and said, "A country girl can survive." I walked across the creek without falling. I put my shoes back on and promptly stepped in a giant pool of mud. "I thought you saw that," he said. No, no, not so much.

We left, and quickly realized it was shaping up to be a very nice sunset. We always seem to catch some good ones. So we stopped on the side of the highway for a few shots.

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